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Fun Activities for Adult Children with Elderly Parents


Summer is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Warm weather, sunny skies, and days at the swimming pool are just around the corner. Even on work days, you’ll have extra daylight to make the most of your evenings. There’s no better way to spend that extra time than with the ones you love. Those of us with elderly parents are always trying to find new and fun ways to stay connected, make them laugh, and bring some joy to their days. We have a few ideas for activities for next time you get together with your parents.

Board Games

Bring the family together for a game night! Plan a visit to your parents’ place or have them to your house to indulge them in a delicious dinner and a fun family night. Yahtzee, Rummy, Farkle, and Bingo are some old favorites, but what about teaching your parents a new game? Apples to Apples, Left Center Right, and Settlers of Catan are fun, newer games that encourage a lot of player interaction – plus they’re easy to learn and play.

Cook a Delicious Meal

There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. We all have those favorite dishes that are best made by that person we love: Mom’s chicken noodle soup, Dad’s pancakes, or Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Why not invite your parents to your place to cook something tasty together? You could prepare a traditional family recipe to learn it yourself, or maybe try something new. Nostalgia and love are the ingredients to an exceptional family meal – and a happy life.

Seek Out Events

Wherever you live, there are bound to be plenty of performances, concerts, and festivals happening every week. It doesn’t have to be a big event or something spectacular – it's about getting out together to try something new and fun. Pick up your parents for the morning farmers market, take them to your town’s holiday parades, enjoy a local theater production as a family, or tour the nearby museum to see its new exhibit.

Start a project together

Create a family photo album, a scrapbook, or start a little garden. If art is more your style, put aside time in your week to paint together with your loved ones, go to the park and take some pictures, or maybe even craft something like a wooden bench in your garage. Working together towards a goal will be something exciting for them and for you, and perhaps it will allow them to pass down skills you never got around to learning from them as a teen.

There are so many ways to engage with your elderly parents, connect with them, and create new positive memories. While the options are unlimited, it’s always good to put your parents at the center when planning your next activity. Consider their interests, health, and whatever they might be craving. Maybe they want a little physical exercise, they need to feel useful, or they’re just seeking more time with you.

For more information about aging and sharing time with your elderly parents, visit Matteo Realty Partners. We’re here to bring people together.