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Picture Books for Seniors and Adults with Alzheimer’s


As our loved ones begin getting older, it’s essential to keep them feeling engaged and part of our lives. Involving them in family activities, helping them keep connected with others, and encouraging them to continue old hobbies or try new ones are all great ways of helping seniors feel included and loved. For family members and loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, finding activities that still work well for them can sometimes be a challenge.

While reading may have once been a favorite pastime, it may be more difficult for someone with Alzheimer’s. That’s why picture books are a great option. Although we might associate picture books with children, they’re something adults love too. Think of that beloved book of photography you have on your coffee table. Check out our list of picture books for seniors and adults with Alzheimer’s to share with the loved ones in your life.

1. “The Big Book of Cute Tabby Cats,” by Rebecca Worthington
Perfect for the kitty-loving senior or adult with Alzheimer’s in your life, this 42-page book is text-free. Traditional books may prove too taxing for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. And a picture book with words may be too confusing or frustrating. But “The Big Book of Cute Tabby Cats” was specifically designed for seniors and those with Alzheimer’s.

2. “Blue Sky White Clouds,” by Eliezer Sobel
The back story of this book is a touching one. Author Eliezer Sobel worked with his mother, Manya Sobel, in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, to create “Blue Sky White Clouds.” Sobel realized that even in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, his mom could still take pleasure in picture books. The result is a book that features photos of nature, people, and everyday objects, accompanied by large captions, making it easier to take in for adults with Alzheimer’s and other memory challenges.

3. “California’s Beautiful Rock Formations,” by Cameron Struve
This lengthy collection of color photos is an excellent option for the nature-lover you know. Filled with color images of California’s natural beauty, this text-free book is one that will make for plenty of good cozy evenings in.

4. “The Sunshine on My Face,” by Lydia Burdick
In addition to providing pictures and stories to enjoy, this book helps initiate personal interactions, such as conversation and engagement with children.  The warm-and-fuzzy feel this title might give you is representative of the joy this book can provide. Its publisher calls this a “two-lap book” because of its size and the nature of the content. It’s a wonderful book to share with the senior you love.

5. “Wishing On a Star,” by Lydia Burdick
Following the success of “The Sunshine on My Face,” Lydia Burdick went on to write more read-aloud books for memory-challenged adults, including “Happy New Year to You!” and this favorite, “Wishing On a Star”. In “Wishing On a Star”, Burdick, whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, takes readers through experiences of an average day, like waking up in the morning to a bird’s song.

6. “The Splendor of Mother & Child Animals,” by Emma Rose Sparrow
This large, softcover book with no text offers endearing photos of mama and baby animals in their natural habitats, from polar bears to tropical monkeys. The 45 large photos in the book are all included on right-hand side pages so that readers don’t feel overstimulated with visuals or overwhelmed.

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