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Short Outings with Your Loved One To Help Keep Them Active & Engaged

Short Outings with Your Loved One To Help Keep Them Active & Engaged

Short Outings with Your Loved One To Help Keep Them Active & Engaged

Spending all of your time around the house can become boring for both you and your loved one.  To some degree, a change of scenery once in a while can be a good thing.  While extended travel might be out of the question, planning brief outings with your loved one might still be an option, depending on their overall physical health.  As long as your loved one is able, planning short trips with them can be very beneficial for both of you.

You might need to temper your expectations a bit based on your loved one’s current abilities.  For example, if you used to enjoy water sports together, you might need to settle for a walk on the beach instead.  Try to reframe your loved one’s previous interests in such a way as to meet them at their level. 

In general, crowded destinations can be problematic for people with dementia.  Too many people or too much activity can cause them to become agitated and confused.  However, even people with fairly advanced dementia have been known to enjoy trips to the local shopping mall or beach.  If there are grandkids in the area, attending one of their sporting events can be fun if it’s not too crowded or loud.  You might also take your loved one out for a bite at their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. 

Travel anywhere outside of your immediate area may require significant planning, but getting out and enjoying this time with your loved one will be well worth the extra effort.  You’ll want to make sure you have any medications that might be needed.  Certainly, bring some adult diapers if your loved one wears them.  Make sure you have any important contact info that you might need, such as numbers for doctors and other health care providers.  To be on the safe side, you might also want to bring copies of key legal documents, such as you Power of Attorney and Health Care Agency paperwork.