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Springtime Activities to Enjoy with Your Loved One

Springtime Activities to Enjoy with Your Loved One


As warmer weather approaches, there simply is nothing better than being outdoors. Soaking up the sunshine, hearing the birds, and seeing all the beautiful flowers, spring is a beautiful time for anyone, and your loved one struggling with Dementia is no different! There are so many fun things you can do with your loved one, despite their disease progression. Here are a few ideas!


Go for a Walk

Especially after being locked indoors after the cold harsh winter months, getting outside and going for a simple walk can be just the thing anyone needs! Warm weather and sunshine have been proven to have a huge impact on not just physical well being, but mental well being as well. A simple walk around the block, at your favorite park, or a simple hiking path is a great way to get your loved one outdoors and soaking in the Vitamin D. If your loved one has limited mobility, perhaps an electric scooter or a wheelchair you could help push could be a huge asset!

This also can be a good time to try and incorporate some reminiscing into their day as well. For instance, while you’re walking at the park, you could bring up times you went for family picnics or they brought their grandkids to play! If that seems like a bit of a stretch, you could try simple conversation starters such as “The flowers are beautiful here, did you used to plant flowers at home?”


Have a Picnic

A picnic at the park combines two of everyone’s favorite things, sunshine and food! This can be especially good if your loved one has limited mobility, as tons of spaces now have wheelchair access. This not only can excite the idea of a mealtime, which many people with Dementia struggle with, but also does not require much movement! It is a great time to find a good spot to sit, enjoy the fresh air, and grab a bite with your loved one. If your loved one has specific eating requests, it could be important to do a little more prep at home before you depart.


Attend a Farmer’s Market

A fun way to exercise for those with no mobility issues, can be to attend your local markets. You will have to check locally as to when these happen around you, but most happen earlier to mid mornings which is a great time for those with Dementia to be out and about! It can be fun for them to walk around and see all the local vendors. Most Farmers Market’s have fresh produce and fruits as well as different vendors selling food and drink items, which means you won’t have to look far for a tasty treat!

Keep in mind that during peak hours these markets can tend to be very busy and/or loud. This can easily be overwhelming to certain people struggling with Dementia. It is incredibly important to know your loved ones triggers and always have a backup plan!


Get Started with Spring Cleaning

Cleaning may not be at the top of your list to do with your loved one, especially when the weather starts to get nice and warm, however it can be a truly engaging experience for you and your loved one. Cleaning and organizing can offer your loved one a chance to feel productive and useful and can give them a sense of purpose. This can help fight depression along with other mental health issues that your loved one may be struggling with. It also is a great time to go through some of their things, clothes for instance, and swap them out with some more seasonally appropriate picks!

Spring Cleaning can also spark up some good conversations and memories. As you clean through old boxes or drawers and find keepsakes or photos, this can be a great time to pick your loved ones brain. You may be surprised by how much they can recall about specific things that they had hidden away!



Gardening can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic for those with Dementia and is a fun way to give them a task while enjoying the fresh air. Not only can you grow herbs and vegetables, that you can later help them harvest and eat, but you can let them help you through most of this journey.  Giving them a specific task and returning to it every day or every week can be very fulfilling for your loved one, giving them a sense of routine and responsibility.

Gardening is an activity that can be altered or slightly changed according to the needs of your loved one. For instance, a raised gardening bed may be great for someone who has mobility and balance, while smaller pots that are moveable may be the best bet for those using wheelchairs or walkers to get around. You can even have indoor plants so they can year-round if they are not so big on being outdoors all the time. Nonetheless, gardening with your loved one has so many benefits!