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Staying Connected During the Pandemic

During this current pandemic, almost everyone is dealing with some level of stress and loneliness due to decreased social interaction and isolation.  Few have been as adversely affected as those of you with loved ones in assisted living or other long-term care facilities.  In order to minimize the risks to residents, most communities have suspended all in-house visits from friends and family for the time being.  Although it may be comforting, on some level, that dedicated healthcare workers are doing their best to keep residents safe and minimize potential exposure to the coronavirus, that comfort isn’t enough to ward off the grief and despair that come from feeling totally disconnected from your loved one.  That is why it is so critical to try and stay connected as much as possible during this difficult time. 

While there is no real substitute for a warm embrace or sharing a meal with your loved one, there are many things you can do to still feel connected.  At Iris Memory Care, our devoted staff are doing everything in their power to help families stay connected.  We love our families as much as we love our residents.  We are constantly making adjustments to try to help residents and families better cope during this unfortunate crisis.  We are scheduling online virtual visits as well as outdoor visits at the fence in the courtyards.  There are also virtual support groups, which many family members have found to be very helpful. 

Just staying apprised of what’s going on at the communities has been a good source of comfort for many family members.  At all our Iris Memory Care locations, we had parties to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  For Mother’s Day, we’ve organized a car parade for our residents in Rowlett, TX and a Tea Party with social distancing for our residents in Edmond, OK.  Check our website and Facebook page for upcoming events and call to check in as often as you’d like.  All any of us can do during this trying time is weather the storm as best we can and hope for better days to come.  We are all in this together.