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Tips for Touring Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities - Part 1

After the holidays there is usually an influx of families looking for placement for their loved ones. There are so many diverse types of communities from Independent Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, and Memory Care. The first step is of course evaluating your loved one’s care needs with your family and a physician and from there, you can start the research and touring process. The looking process can feel overwhelming, especially if you do not know what to look for or questions to ask. We put together some things to remember and questions to ask for when you start this journey.

  1. Getting to Know your Loved One’s Finances & Pricing

It is particularly important to know exactly what your loved one has prepared for. Do they have retirement? Are they looking for private pay or for Medicare facilities? Do they have long term care insurance and if so, what is the process to get that started? Is your loved one looking for Assisted Living now but somewhere with a Memory Care attached for later down the road or do they belong in a traditional Memory Care now? It is also important to make sure that the facilities you tour do accept whatever financial payment your loved one is capable of. It is important to be realistic about what your loved one can not only afford now, but what they will be able to continue to afford for the next five to twenty years.

Especially with those struggling with Dementia, moving your loved one later after they are acclimated and comfortable can be very detrimental to their health and overall routine. There have been cases that show that moving your loved one too many times, especially when they are already in a vulnerable state as one would be with their age, can lead to Relocation Stress Syndrome. This occurs from the stress and trauma that can be brought on by moving an individual from location to location. This can lead to a decline in physical health while also having a huge effect on the mental health of the senior.

  1. Discuss Your Loved One’s Lifestyle and Preferences

Would your loved one be more comfortable in a more laid-back community, or would they be happier in a more luxurious home with more amenities? It is also so incredibly important to check in on a community activity program and how it will mix with your loved one. Do they like to be incredibly active, go on outings, swimming? If so, a home with more amenities is a better fit. If your loved one is more of a home body, then perhaps a more relaxed facility is more their speed.

Even in locked Memory Care units it is still so important to check out the activity program and make sure that what the community offers meets your expectations. If you are still unsure, try reaching out to the community and asking if you can attend activities for the afternoon and see how it feels. Many times, depending on your loved one’s condition, you may be able to bring them along and get their opinion!

  1. Taking a Formal Tour

When you hear of a community, it is important to check out their website and social media pages. Most assisted living communities have a Facebook page where you can see pictures of activities, highlights, and sometimes even awards given! If you are intrigued by a community, the next step is contacting their Marketing Department and scheduling a formal tour.

A tour is a fantastic way to get the overall details of a community, and while you can just walk into some Independent Living and Assisted Living Communities, Covid-19 has really affected a lot of the walk-in policies at many facilities due to the population they are taking care of. A formal tour with a Marketing Director or a Community Liaison will make sure you get all the details you need regarding pricing, viewing a room, all the amenities that are offered, etc. This is a wonderful time to ask about the Staff to Resident Ratio, Staff Longevity, Housekeeping and Maintenance Schedules and many other questions. 

We look forward to helping you take a tour of Iris Memory Care! Contact one of our communities today!