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Welcome Cosmo to the Iris Memory Care Family!


Here at Iris Memory Care, we're thrilled to announce the newest member of our team: Cosmo, a rambunctious and adorable yellow Labrador puppy! Cosmo isn't your average pup, though. He's in training to become a certified therapy dog, specifically to bring joy and companionship to our wonderful residents at Iris Memory Care.


We know how much emotional and social well-being plays a role in overall health, especially for those with memory challenges. Studies have shown that interacting with therapy dogs can significantly improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and even stimulate cognitive function. That's why we're so excited to have Cosmo as part of the Iris Memory Care family.

A Bright Light with a Wagging Tail


Cosmo isn't just any Labrador puppy. He possesses a special temperament that makes him perfectly suited for therapy work. His gentle nature, playful spirit, and eagerness to please radiate from his big, brown eyes. From the moment he walks into a room, he has a knack for melting hearts and bringing smiles to faces.


We're documenting Cosmo's journey as he undergoes his therapy dog training. You can follow his progress on our social media pages –  Voyages of Cosmo on Facebook, Voyages of Cosmo on Instagram, and even his very own YouTube channel!

The Science Behind the Wags


There's a real scientific basis for the positive impact therapy dogs can have on people with memory loss. Here's a closer look at the benefits:


Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Interacting with animals can trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone known to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Studies have shown that petting a dog can lower blood pressure and heart rate, creating a sense of peace and well-being.

Improved Mood: Just seeing a dog's playful demeanor can evoke positive emotions. Playful interactions with Cosmo can bring laughter and joy to our residents, even on challenging days.

Enhanced Social Interaction: Therapy dogs can act as social catalysts, encouraging residents to interact with each other and staff. Sharing stories about pets, reminiscing about childhood companions, or simply enjoying Cosmo's presence can foster a sense of connection and belonging.


Cognitive Stimulation: Engaging with Cosmo, whether it's petting him, offering him treats, or simply talking to him, can provide mental stimulation for our residents. This can help keep cognitive skills sharp and improve memory function.

More Than Just Cuteness


Of course, there's more to therapy dogs than just their undeniable cuteness. Cosmo's training goes beyond basic obedience. He's learning specific skills to effectively interact with people experiencing memory loss. Here are some examples:


Gentle Greetings: A boisterous jump or excited bark might be overwhelming for someone with memory loss. Cosmo is being trained to approach residents calmly, with a gentle nudge or lick of the hand.


Patience and Empathy: Therapy dogs need to be incredibly patient and understanding. Cosmo's training emphasizes these qualities, ensuring he can interact with residents at their own pace.

Following Cosmo's Journey


We're incredibly excited to welcome Cosmo to the Iris Memory Care family and witness the positive impact he has on our residents. By following his journey on social media, you can be a part of his transformation from an adorable puppy to a certified therapy dog, bringing joy and companionship to those who need it most.


We look forward to sharing Cosmo's heartwarming moments, training milestones, and the special bond he develops with our residents.  Stay tuned for pawsome updates!


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